Fifth about The Seventh

The Green Knight

The Green Knight: David Lowery’s account of the Arthurian tale is far from an adventure romp; ponderous, moody, mysterious, and dark, the film emulates the sort of quests of the original material. Each encounter along the road is unusual, a bit ethereal, saying as much about the world as it does about the protagonist. The performances are very subdued, effective in selling the idea that those occurrences are commonplace. Dev Patel makes a good figure as the protagonist and Alicia Vikander is fine in the two roles she plays, as two women in his life. Aesthetically, the film is rather interesting: production designer Jade Healy and costume designer Malgosia Turzanska created a world that is simple and attractive; cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo makes exquisite use of colors to help tell the story; all that put together beget a visually distinctive film.

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