Fifth about The Seventh

The Tender Bar

The Tender Bar: leaning heavily into nostalgia, George Clooney’s drama is a feel-good film, but one that ultimately is too fluffy and toothless. The protagonist’s journey is inspiring but just mildly so, as the obstacles put in front of him are nowhere near challenging (or unique) enough. The character himself, however effectively defended by young Daniel Ranieri and older Tye Sheridan, is a bit dull. Christopher Lloyd, as his grandfather, and Lily Rabe, as his mother (a wasted character), are OK. Ben Affleck, as the crucial father figure in his life, is very effective and caring; it is a fine enough performance in a film filled with easygoing acting. The production design, done by Kalina Ivanov, and costume design, by Jenny Eagan, are very efficient and precise, as well as deceptively easy. Cinematographer Martin Ruhe’s images are likewise effective and unobtrusive, bathing all in an expected golden hue.

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