Fifth about The Seventh

I Never Cry (Jak Najdalej Stad)

I Never Cry: Piotr Domalewski’s modest drama follows a young woman as she travels abroad to perform the thankless task of bringing the remains of her long-absent father. The look at the estranged relationship is far from new, but it still is efficiently done. The director smartly chose a somewhat unsympathetic protagonist, which makes things richer and more rewarding. Zofia Stafiej plays a perpetually angry teenager, but even that is not cut-and-dry, but partially explained; her performance is efficient but can be a bit frown-heavy at times. Kinga Preis, as her mother, and Arkadiusz Jakubik, as a man she meets during her quest, give solid supporting performances. Director of photography Piotr Sobocinski Jr. helps to keep the intensity with his camerawork following the action from very close.

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