Fifth about The Seventh

The Truth (La Vérité – 2019)

The Truth: the most refreshing aspect of Kore-eda Hirokazu’s drama is how gentle the account-settling of the stranged pair of mother and daughter is. The mother (wonderfully played by Catherine Deneuve) is an unapologetic diva, and the daughter (played by the equally marvelous Juliette Binoche) resents many things, but they don’t dislike each other as much as wish some things were different. The film-within-the-film is a bit heavy-handed as a mirror to their relationship, but it is a neat concept in itself nevertheless. Manon Clavel, as an actress in that film, is quite good; Ethan Hawke, as the son-in-law, is charming, but not quite asked much. The film’s serenity is also present in the cinematography of Eric Gautier and in the music composed by Alexei Aigui.

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