Fifth about The Seventh

Eeb Allay Ooo!

Eeb Allay Ooo!: as Prateek Vats tells the story of a man and his tribulations at work (the admittedly odd job of a monkey-repeller), a very observant look is given towards present-day India and its socio-economical, cultural, and religious issues. The protagonist, a young migrant who is incredibly inadequate for the job (and, considering his attitude, any job), is a clean slate and not particularly engaging, and that’s the main problem of the film. Shardul Bharadwaj, who portrays him, does a good job at creating the lethargic character. The other performers are likewise efficient in their low-key roles. Cinematographer Saumyananda Sahi’s camera is quiet, neutral, ever-watching. Editor Tanushree Das mixes well what seems like real-life footage of monkeys with the actors to create a number of believable interactions.

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