Fifth about The Seventh

Tall Tales (Apró Mesék)

Tall Tales: Szász Attila embraces the period in which his film is set: for better or for worse, the aesthetics and the sensibilities seem straight out of a 1940s melodrama. The protagonist, a suave con man preying on the desperation and hopes in post-War Hungary, is a bit bland, and the relationship he enters, not completely convincing. The ultimate result is a film that is emotionally dull. The couple, in any case, is visually very attractive. Szabó Kimmel Tamás, as the main character, sells the emotional aloofness of a con artist, but he is harder to swallow as a romantic hero. Kerekes Vica fares generally better as the strong mother. The film generally looks very good, as cinematographer Nagy András elegantly captures the action, the almost-idyllic locations, and the beautifully recreated costumes. Editor Hargittai László gives the film a good pace.

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