Fifth about The Seventh

New Gods: Nezha Reborn (Xīn Shén Bǎng: Nézhā Chóngshēng)

New Gods: Nezha Reborn: Zhao Ji’s colorful and kinetic animation may be the ideal vessel for a story that brings Chinese mythology to a steampunk world; nothing else would do this version justice. The plot is a bit overstuffed and moves too quickly, but it has several lively characters and brings an unexplored sensibility to the table. The somewhat generic hero is balanced by many sinister villains. The film’s design, in general, is beautiful: the city is a steampunk neon city straight out of the 1940s, and the characters (regardless if they are gods, demons, animals, or people) are all very distinct and recognizable. The animation is fluid and dynamic, with the camera traveling around and showcasing the world; the colors are vivid. The voice acting and the musical score both serve their purpose.

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