Fifth about The Seventh

Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes: the main problem with Appie Boudellah and Aram van de Rest’s romantic comedy is that the characters are so annoying that it’s hard to believe anyone would like to spend 20 seconds in a room with them, let alone a lifetime together. That’s far from the only problem, as the characters are also superficial and cliched, their decisions irrational and their relationship strained; the sum of all that is the interest for what happens to those people gets very low. Attempts at comedy generally fall flat. The cast, led by Yolanthe Cabau, is physically attractive, but their acting is generally too broad and unconvincing. The film has a dreamy look, and the sets, put together by production designer Floris Eysink Smeets, are actually very appealing, more than anything else in the movie.

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