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The Father (2020)

The Father: Florian Zeller’s look at the descent of a man deeper into dementia is very ingenious and touching. Using as a starting point the idea of an unreliable narrator, this drama very efficiently displays the confusion as it settles in the mind of the protagonist. The film’s structure, which plays games with the passage of time and even the identity of the characters, makes for an entrancing experience. Acting is superb: Anthony Hopkins can be a bit theatrical at times, but he displays great range, from charm and intelligence to anger to despair. Olivia Colman is even better as his daughter, who is struggling to keep it together. The film is classically, cleanly shot by cinematographer Ben Smithard; the editing of Yorgos Lamprinos is very precise, instrumental in creating the sense of confusion but doing so in a very arranged, methodical way. Production designer Peter Francis does great work decorating the apartment in subtly changing ways. Beautiful music by composer Ludovico Einaudi.

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