Fifth about The Seventh

Cherry (2021)

Cherry: this film by the Russo Brothers, Anthony and Joe, is not very pleasant, but it wasn’t supposed to be. It deals, after all, with post-traumatic stress disorder and drug addiction, not the lightest of subjects. The problem is, it’s not that interesting either. The protagonist is a blue-collar blank slate, and while that is part of what makes this a cautionary tale, it doesn’t make for particularly engaging storytelling. Tom Holland displays decent range in his role as the protagonist, from his (not so) innocent days to his junkie days; it’s not, however, a physically transformative performance, and he looks too healthy in the latter. The same can be said about Ciara Bravo, who plays the love of his life. Cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel gives the film an interesting visual identity with his lensing, as he uses all the tools in his box: diverse aspect ratios and lenses, agile camera, dolly shots, drone shots. The film’s pace drags quite a lot; the use of music, both composer Henry Jackman’s quiet and distinct original score and licensed songs, is really good.

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