Fifth about The Seventh

Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman: the less is known about the plot of Emerald Fennell’s thriller going in, the better. Suffice it to say, however, that the film presents a cathartic dismantling of a very pernicious system, and it is an entertaining ride from start to finish. A great part of that comes from the excellent performance of Carey Mulligan; she manages to portray a woman who is fully in control, moment-to-moment, acting with quiet ferocity, but also at the edge of losing control as a whole. Bo Burnham is fine as a sympathetic love interest, while Chris Lowell creates a character that is the quintessential example of a punchable person. The work of cinematographer Benjamin Kracun is interesting, with his framing always slightly off what is normally expected. Editor Frédéric Thoraval stitches all together rather nicely, giving the film a great pace as it slowly uncovers new information; also, great use of music, ofter with unusual versions of songs. The film is not, neither it tries to be, subtle, but this is a subject matter that needs to be hammered down.


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