Fifth about The Seventh

Time (2020)

Time: the trickiest aspect of Garrett Bradley’s documentary is that Fox Rich, the central figure in the film, is not fighting for sympathy, she is fighting for what is hers. She is ferocious and articulated, but the time for sympathy is long gone. The film follows her family’s journey, but it’s mostly a poetic, subjective journey: the legal specifics are largely ignored. They don’t matter, because they are just details, and the story is about how the family stayed together for a couple of decades, how they thrived together and as individuals. It’s the story of their victory in the face of a cruel system. Editor Gabriel Rhodes efficiently stitches together years of home videos with pristine new interviews and observational images. Those are beautifully complemented by the amazing piano playing of Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou, which is instrumental in giving the film its contemplative mood.

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