Fifth about The Seventh

The Dig (2021)

The Dig: the true story told by Simon Stone in this low-key drama is far from earth-shattering, but it is interesting enough and told competently, making this an easy-going experience. The story glances in many directions (classism and sexism to mention just two of them), but it is too polite to linger too much in any of them. Acting is low-key but spot-on: Carey Mulligan is all quiet dignity in her role as the sponsor of the dig, and Ralph Fiennes shines at creating his character with his posture and eyes, in addition to the accent and speech patterns; Lily James and Johnny Flynn are solid in their supporting roles, as well. Production design and costume design (by Maria Djurkovic and Alice Babidge, respectively), are capably done but somewhat toned down. The images of cinematographer Mike Eley are unusually dynamic for a period film, injecting urgency into the proceedings; at first, it feels a peculiar choice, but it’s still beautiful and not altogether disagreeable. The same is true, to a lesser degree, of editor’s Jon Harris work.

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