Fifth about The Seventh

Uncle Frank (2020)

Uncle Frank: if the story told by Alan Ball is ultimately a little too uplifting and positive to be realistic, particularly in the time and setting it takes place, such a tone is welcome, more indicative as things should be and less of how they were and still are. The title character, in any case, goes through realistic struggles with his sexuality, both internal and external, and how that interferes with his relationships is very believable. It is a nice and layered piece of performance by Paul Bettany. Sophia Lillis has a great face, but as the point-of-view from where the main character’s story is observed, she is not truly asked to do much. Peter Macdissi is a bit colorful but empathetic as the protagonist’s lover. The film is given a dreamy, golden hue that matches the overall tone, with attractive lensing by cinematographer Khalid Mohtaseb, and beautiful music by composer Nathan Barr.

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