Fifth about The Seventh

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: this Michel Gondry’s film (out of a very Charlie Kaufman-esque screenplay) goes on to show the construction, the deconstruction, and the inevitability of finding a true soulmate. It is an unusual look, but one that turns out to be as romantic as it is peculiar. Yet, in spite of its concept, the storytelling has an incredible clarity to it, both emotionally and objectively. Jim Carrey has never been better, as the awkward, shy man trying to hold on to the woman may well be the love of his life, in a very subdued performance; Kate Winslet is even better as the complicated, alive, impulsive woman who may well be the love of the man’s life. Out of the supporting cast, Tom Wilkinson and Elijah Wood are the most interesting. The combination of cinematographer Ellen Kuras’ very expressive work (particularly with lighting), editor Valdís Óskarsdóttir’s efficient cuts, and production designer Dan Leigh’s inventive sets translate beautifully to visuals what is going on with the story. Composer Jon Brion’s lively musical score is quite good, and a fine fit to the story.

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