Fifth about The Seventh

Budapest Noir

Budapest Noir: Éva Gárdos delivers exactly what the title promises, a traditional noir tale set in Budapest. The elements are all there: a persistent and cynical protagonist, a tough dame, a femme fatale, a journey through the criminal underbelly of the city, a dark conspiracy with powerful reaches. The plot could have been given a bit more care, however, as it feels a bit thin and rushed; also, the main character has some traits that are barely explored, which would have resulted in a richer, more interesting experience overall. Kolovratnik Krisztián cuts a nice figure as the protagonist, but his acting is merely adequate; Tenki Réka is better as a sidekick he has a complicated story with. Aesthetically, the film doesn’t go the full monty: the images of directors of photography Ragályi Elemér and Ragályi Márton are too lit, too bright, stealing the film of a darker mood. The upshot is that the beautiful and detailed work of production designer Pater Sparrow and costume designer Flesch Andrea is front-and-center. The jazzy score of composer Pacsay Attila fits the genre like a glove.


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