Fifth about The Seventh

Io Sono Tempesta

Io Sono Tempesta: much like its main character, Daniele Luchetti’s mix of comedy and drama is cynical and unlikeable. The story zeroes its look at a corrupt system, but it does so with a caring look at the perpetrator; it’s not really critical of it, nor it is particularly insightful or entertaining, which is a much bigger sin. As the main character, Marco Giallini is quite good: his performance as an elegant, charismatic, immoral business shark is very convincing. No other performance is particularly memorable, but they all serve their purposes. Bellow the line, the film is generally well-done: director of photography Luca Bigazzi’s work is typically smooth; the production design of Paola Comencini and costume design of Maria Rita Barbera are effective in creating the opposition of two worlds, one of luxury and one of poverty.

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