Fifth about The Seventh

Ordinary Happiness (Momenti di Trascurabile Felicità)

Ordinary Happiness: the story of Daniele Luchetti’s dramedy trails beaten tracks, and it’s often a bit confusing about its timeline, but the tale of a new lease on family life is funny and touching. The protagonist is flawed enough to allow for a transformation, but not too much for him to be unrelatable and unlikeable. The humour, particularly what pertains to celestial bureaucracy, is effective, even if overly familiar. Acting is fine: Pif is charming as the protagonist, a man re-evaluating his own life; his performance is full of little gestures that make the character very particular. Thony, as his wife, is equally effective. Renato Carpentieri brings dignity to his bureaucrat. The film is set in a lovely city, making the best use of the location. The choice of keeping the main character using the exact same costume throughout the whole film makes thematic sense but murks the water narratively. Good use of music.

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