Fifth about The Seventh

Gaspard at the Wedding (Gaspard Va au Mariage)

Gaspard at the Wedding: it’s nothing new to have familiar dramas with off-kilter characters, but when those work it’s because the quirks give space to lovable people, and that’s not the case in this Antony Cordier’s film. Instead, what is there is a sequence of hard to believe occurrences with characters that are hard to care for. The cast is stuck with those, and the performances turn out to be indifferent: the protagonists Laetitia Dosch and Félix Moati are simply uninteresting, while Christa Théret at least gets the opportunity to play a character with distinct physicality. The eerie musical score, by Thylacine, gives the film an unusual tone, enhancing the somber images of cinematographer Nicolas Gaurin.

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