Fifth about The Seventh

Martin Eden (2019)

Martin Eden: the story of Pietro Marcello’s drama is about a man in transformation; however, as it is more interested in the stimuli than it is in the effects, so the narrative feels fragmented, inorganic. Paradoxically, it also murks the understanding of the title character; still, every other character in the film is just a shadow, uninteresting and shallow. Luca Marinelli as the title character is fine, but far from spectacular; no one else in the cast leaves a deep mark. The editing, by Aline Hervé and Fabrizio Federico, makes liberal use of archival footage, but as they vary wildly in stock, coloration, and quality, it is a bit disconcerting, as those usually imply a use different than what is done here. The film certainly goes for a convincing period look, complemented by the grainy cinematography (by Alessandro Abate and Francesco Di Giacomo).

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