Fifth about The Seventh

Dilili in Paris (Dilili à Paris)

Dilili in Paris: at first glance, the story of Michel Ocelot’s animated adventure seems little less than an excuse to journey around Belle Époque Paris and its cultural and artistic scene, and meeting the many characters that were there at the time. Eventually, however, it gets around to a sinister plot that invites a contemporary discourse. The title character is simply lovely, a curious, well-mannered and tenacious young woman. The voice acting may sound a bit too formal and stiff, but that reflects the time; Prunelle Charles-Ambron is charming as the protagonist, Enzo Ratsito is fine as her sidekick. The animation is of a very unique style; it is somewhat simple, as the film super-imposes the almost 2D characters (which are all well-designed) into photographs of the environment; the effect is often striking. The music of composer Gabriel Yared is beautiful, a fine match to the story.

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