Fifth about The Seventh

Missing Link (2019)

Missing Link: the globetrotting adventures in Chris Butler’s animated film are entertaining, with a simple but fine message behind them; it tells a sweet story, but a somewhat forgettable one. The trio of main characters is a winning combination: the heroic, persistent but self-minded explorer (voiced by Hugh Jackman in a fine performance, proud and proper as one can expect from a Victorian sir), the resourceful adventuress (played by Zoe Saldana), and, above all, the sweetly naïve, quite literal-minded creature (who Zach Galifianakis fills with quiet dignity in a surprisingly subdued performance). The film beautifully mixed stop-motion with digital environments (as evidenced during the final credits); the colorful costumes, lush environments (which cover quite a few biospheres), the distinctive character design are all incredible. Composer Carter Burwell’s musical score is very well done, and the song that plays over the credits, Walter Martin’s “Do-Dilly-Do (A Friend Like You)” is a doozy.

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