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Casting a ballot – 70th ACE Eddie Awards

The 70th ACE Eddie Awards ceremony will take place on Friday, January 17th, 2020.

As I have been doing for a few years, as we get into the awards season, I’ll post the fictional ballots for some of the guild awards, showing what my vote would be if I had one. I will, as a rule, abstain from my fictional vote if I haven’t seen at least half of the nominees. And to be perfectly clear, I’m not a member of any of these guilds and organizations.

The list of nominees can be seen here.

Here it goes:

Best Edited Feature Film (Dramatic): Thelma Schoonmaker, for The Irishman

Thelma Schoonmaker’s editing is far from flashy, but she gives a film that is 209 minutes long superb pacing; no shot or scene feels wasted and the film feels much shorter than it is.

Best Edited Feature Film (Comedy): abstain (Not seen: Dolemite is My Name, The Farewell, Jojo Rabbit.)

Best Edited Animated Feature Film: Benjamin Massoubre, for I Lost My Body (J’ai Perdu Mon Corps)

Benjamin Massoubre balances three different timelines, and the emotional resonance achieved is evidence that he succeeds. Additionally, the small adventures lived by, well, the main character are thrilling in their small scale.

Best Edited Documentary (Feature): Todd Douglas Miller, for Apollo 11

Ignore for a second the sheer volume of material available for the editor/director Todd Douglas Miller; the film manages to tell the story very tightly, making it thrilling, serene, exhilarating. (Not seen: Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice, Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound.)

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