Fifth about The Seventh

The Aeronauts

The Aeronauts: it is an old-fashioned, wholesome adventure that is brought to life by director Tom Harper; loosely based on History, it is thematically inspiring, even if a bit too fluffy. Eddie Redmayne doesn’t squander a chance to showboat mannerisms and make faces, but thankfully, the screenplay limits his opportunities and he is fine when restrained; Felicity Jones fares much better in general, as she creates a strong, determined character in a convincing manner. The film deals well with the dual nature of the main setting: it’s both very restrained and possessing infinite horizon; cinematographer George Steel alternates a floating, distant camera with claustrophobic framing, as needed. Composer Steven Price’s musical score feels right (and the song that plays over the credits, “Home to You”, is very good). It is, however, the special effects team that is the highlight below-the-line; the balloon flight, with its many phases, is always very convincing.

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