Fifth about The Seventh


Retablo: the simple fact that the landscape (both natural and cultural) portrayed in Álvaro Delgado-Aparicio L.’s film is so rare makes this a worthy watch. The sad story of a father-son relationship tainted by societal intolerance evolves slowly and quietly, as if emulating the environment, but it certainly doesn’t lack emotional intensity. Amiel Cayo is quite good as the caring father; Junior Bejar, as the son, however, is unable to emote effectively, for the most part. The film’s colours are beautiful, from traditional art to the costumes. What really stands out, however, is how beautifully shot this film is, by cinematographer Mario Bassino; each shot is exquisitely framed and makes great use of the space; the neutral, observant camera is greatly complemented by the editing of Eric Williams.

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