Fifth about The Seventh

Adam (2019)

Adam: Maryam Touzani’s delicate drama doesn’t feel fully fresh, but its context adds enough to make it a richer, more interesting experience. The film certainly invites some reflection about how societies deal with those that do not adhere to the more conservative guidelines (this one society in particular, but there are many contemporary examples where similar reactions would happen). The relationship has moments when it’s not fully believable, but it says a lot about the characters that the one that brings levity and transformation to the life of the other is the one with fewer reasons to do so. The actresses are in good shape, Lubna Azabal as the harder, older woman, and Nisrin Erradi as the younger pregnant girl in need to help; young Douae Belkhaouda is a lovely, solar presence. The handheld camerawork of Virginie Surdej is very smooth and well-done.

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