Fifth about The Seventh

Someone, Somewhere (Deux Moi)

Someone, Somewhere: Cédric Klapisch’s film is quite a tease, as it keeps the two main characters tantalizingly close but nevertheless apart for quite a long time; still, it is a charming look at relationships in contemporary times and what it takes for them to work. The two central characters are nicely played and are both portrayed by attractive performers: Ana Girardot’s sad eyes help suggest a sensitive soul; François Civil nails the bumbling, good-natured fool. The supporting cast is also fine, particularly François Berléand and Simon Abkarian. Aesthetically, the film is simple and functional, moves at a pleasurable clip; the combination of blocking and Élodie Tahtane’s cinematography make an effort to, whenever it makes sense, to include both Girardot and Civil within the same space.

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