Fifth about The Seventh

The Wild Pear Tree (Ahlat Ağacı)

The Wild Pear Tree: Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s drama is long, ponderous, talky, heady; more importantly, it’s in equal measure interesting, engaging, touching and powerful. The main character is insufferable and pathetic, but his interactions with the world around him, family, friends, and strangers result in deep, rich dialogues that invite a look into many facets of Turkish society, as well as religion and literature. Aydın Doğu Demirkol is a great choice to play the part: he looks brutish and aggressive, projects apathy, but also, when needed, the intelligence needed in all those conversations. Murat Cemcir is also very fine as his flawed and humane father. The film looks really good: cinematographer Gökhan Tiryaki captures the landscape and the dialogue with a fluid camera.

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