Fifth about The Seventh

Long Shot (2019)

Long Shot: Jonathan Levine’s film mixes a romantic comedy with a political fantasy, without really treading new ground in either genre. The story goes where one expects, when one expects, but the final result, in any case, is charming and entertaining enough. The casting and performances are good, as Charlize Theron projects the coldness and the aura of power, but also the emotion behind the will to romance (and is perfectly dressed by costume designer Mary E. Vogt); Seth Rogen, naturally, can play the overmatched smart-aleck. They can exchange zings quite well (with the fine and diverse supporting cast too), but they do not have much screen chemistry (but perhaps that is a bit of the point). The film has the expected unoriginal but polished look, efficiently but unimaginatively shot by Yves Bélanger.

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