Fifth about The Seventh

Good Omens

Good Omens: this series, created by Neil Gaiman (based on his and Terry Pratchett’s book), directed by Douglas Mackinnon, is a delicious and entertaining satire; it’s thematically light, even if it ultimately has some things to say about preordainment. Also, it is slightly provocative in a progressive way, which is welcome. The story is rather zany, but it moves in a clear-headed way; the characters are, likewise, a colorful collection. Most of the pleasure comes out of the interaction between the two principals: Michael Sheen is puffy and dandy, while David Tennant moves and postures like a washed-out rock star; both are wonderful and their chemistry is absolutely off-the-charts. Sam Taylor Buck is a sweet kid, in a crucial role. The supporting roles are also well-defended, and the series is filled with nice chatter between multiple pairs of characters. The series embraces the silly with its look as well: it is polished and colorful, with fine character design and (for the protagonists in particular) costume design. The smart editing is well-balanced between the many storylines and keeps the energy level high.

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