Fifth about The Seventh

The Cakemaker (HaOfe MeBerlin / Der Kuchenmacher)

The Cakemaker: the starting point of Ofir Raul Graizer’s delicate melodrama is equal parts sweet and creepy, as the title character is essentially stalking a family. That said, and in spite of the lack of clarity of the protagonist’s goals, the film unfurls with such a light touch that it’s hard to begrudge it fully. The story also touches very lightly on the heavy weight religion may have in a life. The performances are very good: Tim Kalkhof plays very convincingly the quiet, somewhat awkward young man, but also handles well the more emotionally charged moments; Sarah Adler is equally good, if not better, trying to reacquire her footing in life. Omri Aloni’s camerawork has a quiet, capable but unremarkable look to it. Dominique Charpentier’s musical score complements well the elegance of the film.

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