Fifth about The Seventh


Diamantino: Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt’s satire is completely unafraid to embrace the preposterous, to the point it’s hard to fully categorize the film. The story mixes a bit of everything: conspiracies, fame, cross-dressing, family drama, gene therapy, among other things. It takes a dig at a certain recent political trend, by having it defended by the unequivocally evil villains, and it’s quite clear which side the film is on. The excesses make this film an interesting experience, but also a bit tiresome. Acting is consistent with the overall tone and storyline: Carloto Cotta is convincingly equal parts clueless, inherently good and hunky; Anabela and Margarida Moreira are cartoonish evil; and Cleo Tavares is very convincing as the unconvincing teenager boy. Aesthetically, the film likewise embraces some fantastically bad special effects, as if to accentuate the absurdity even further; the same goes to the detailed, kitsch art direction.

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