Fifth about The Seventh

Colette (2018)

Colette: Wash Westmoreland’s biopic is very generous with the so-called scandalous behaviour of the title character, but it’s very short on what really made her tick. Such an interesting, modern-sounding character deserved a more in-depth look past a simple checklist of facts and affairs. To their credit, the cast avoids trying a French accent as they deliver the dialogue; Dominic West is given a very flat character, however boisterous he may be, and can’t do much with it; Keira Knightley is luckier, and makes the (thin) added layer to work in her favor, and if the performance is not out-of-this-world, it’s still a very fine one. The period recreation is competent but not memorable; Andrea Flesch’s costumes have the added benefit of being used to flesh out the main character’s journey.

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