Fifth about The Seventh

Intimidade entre Estranhos

Intimidade entre Estranhos: José Alvarenga Jr.’s film revolves around a love triangle of sorts; the problem is that the relationships are both unconvincing, weak, so much so that it’s hard to care at the end which way it will go. To further the issue, relevant aspects about one of them are just talked about, not shown, so it’s easy to feel it is an empty vessel only. The characters themselves are not much better; they have some token complexities, but ultimately they are just dull. Acting doesn’t help: Gabriel Contente is too low-energy, almost wooden; Milhem Cortaz is the opposite, as he overacts (partly is justified, in the context of the soap-opera within the film, but it bleeds towards his whole performance); Rafaela Mandelli is the only one that gets it close to right. The film’s scenography looks overly restricted and poor.

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