Fifth about The Seventh

You’re Killing Me Susana (Me Estás Matando Susana)

You’re Killing Me Susana: the relationship at the center of Roberto Sneider’s film is very messy; it’s hard to side with any of the characters given the way they behave. Ultimately, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the film has to say about relationships and feminism, in particular. There’s something both hopelessly romantic and male-chauvinist in the way Gael García Bernal’s character behaves; he is clueless (which is used mostly for comedic effect) but also is well aware of all his wrongdoings; charming and insufferable; it’s too large a bag of contradictions, one that doesn’t make him more relatable; that said, Bernal plays him nicely. Verónica Echegui is a good choice to play his counterpart, as she has enough spunk and beauty to justify his drive to run after her. The film has a decent but unremarkable look, all in all.

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