Fifth about The Seventh

The Girl in the Spider’s Web

The Girl in the Spider’s Web: Fede Alvarez’ entry to the quasi-series of multimedia works featuring the same two central characters feel somewhat generic, run-of-the-mill. The storyline used here hasn’t been interesting or novel for a long time, and some of the particular ancillaries require a deeper connection with the characters to have much of an impact. To make matters worse, the villains are rather weak and uninspired. While Claire Foy plays the main character well (and is head and shoulders above her generally dull castmates), it’s also a bit of a miscast; her nice, soft features play up the newfound vulnerability of her character, but it’s at odds with the increased need for her to perform physically. The film looks slick and has a justifiably cold palette, thanks to cinematographer Pedro Luque; the musical score, by Roque Baños, matches that well.

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