Fifth about The Seventh

The Awakener (O Doutrinador)

The Awakener: original only in the sense that this particular character and this exact universe had not been in a film before, Gustavo Bonafé and Fábio Mendonça’s film is nevertheless derivative of many vigilante super-anti-hero stories that came before, worse than most (and those were not all that good to begin with, usually). The story is superficial, even by comic book standards (one of which serves as the original source here); the inciting incident makes little (if any) sense, preceding many, many, many things that don’t make sense in this film. The main character is paper-thin (Kiko Pissolato looks the part, but barely projects much); the sidekick hacker is a stock, shallow character, but at least more interesting than the protagonist (Tainá Medina is OK); the villains are of the mustache-twirling sort, most played hammily by the performers. The film emulates the visual style of the genre with decent success (kudos to cinematographer Rodrigo Carvalho), and while the action sequences aren’t too complex or exciting, they are mildly competent.

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