Fifth about The Seventh

Edge of Tomorrow – Revisit

Edge of Tomorrow: mixing the good old time-loop structure into an alien invasion story proved to be a great decision by director Doug Liman and the screenwriters (as well as the author of the original novel), as this film turned out to be such an entertaining ride. It is what it is, a summer blockbuster-to-be, but it’s great fun. Tom Cruise is a great choice to play the main role, as he at first goes against type, playing a sleek, a bit sleazy and very incapable hero. James Herbert and Laura Jennings’ editing makes smart, playful use of his usual image, and also moves the story along with surprisingly low repetitiveness. Emily Blunt is a great presence as well, smart, strong, and no-nonsense; Bill Paxton is acting large, but his a very entertaining performance. Cinematographer Dion Beebe gives the early action scenes a gritty, nightmarish look.

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