Fifth about The Seventh

Rust (Ferrugem)

Rust: Aly Muritiba tackles with minimal fuss a very contemporary issue (or rather, a new version of an old issue); the structure, splitting the point of view and the consequences in two, allows for a more round, full view of the situation portrayed. The flip side is that the characters are not all that interesting: the moody, uncommunicative teenager may be an accurate portrait, but it’s still not a compelling one; the few adults in play don’t fare much better. The performances are fine: Tifanny Dopke plays well the energy and the despair of her character; Giovanni de Lorenzi is less interesting, but a big part of it is due to the writing. The film has, for the most part, a washed-out look, as if sucking away the life of the characters; it’s not subtle, but it is thematically relevant. Rui Poças’ camera work is interesting, often letting the crucial scenes unfurl in long, uninterrupted takes.

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