Fifth about The Seventh

The Royal Exchange (L’Échange des Princesses)

The Royal Exchange: Marc Dugain has an interesting starting point, one that allows for some mild political intrigue, as well as topical comment on the value (or lack thereof) of women throughout history. That said, a lackluster collection of characters, as well as weak performances, diminish the value of this experience. The best of the bunch is young Juliane Lepoureau, who is adorable; her counterpart in the exchange, Anamaria Vartolomei, has striking eyes and a royal beauty, but her acting is unconvincing (and her character carries a voluntariness that feels out-of-place and time); Thomas Mustin, in a thankfully small role, mugs to the point of major annoyance; Kacey Mottet Klein fares better, but is not very good either. The film has a good, efficient look, but not in any way remarkable for a period piece.

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