Fifth about The Seventh

Berenice Procura

Berenice Procura: this Allan Fiterman film uses a weak, too convenient (and filled with plot holes) mystery as a step up to a stronger, more interesting drama, one with a caring and humane look at family and sexuality; it’s a pity that ultimately, the richer side gets lost in the shuffle. The central characters are realistic; Cláudia Abreu is fine and subdued in her role, and Eduardo Moscovis is likewise solid; by the other hand, Caio Manhente is rather inexpressive, and Vera Holtz does not convince at all in her role; Valentina Sampaio is very touching. Director of cinematography Azul Serra’s stylish, distinctive work proves to be too much of a good thing: there are some beautiful bravura shots, but there is also an abuse of showy framings, flares and fractured images, which proves distracting.

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