Fifth about The Seventh

Say Anything…

Say Anything…: Cameron Crowe creates a teen romance that, by one hand, follows the usual genre tropes of creating a couple out of complete opposites, and by the other, creates a peculiar but convincing love triangle of sorts. Its tone is serious, melancholic even. The main characters are lovely, on paper; however, for the whole to work, the performers had to deliver. While John Cusack is convincing and touching as the sweet loser, and John Mahoney is equally fine as the loving father, Ione Skye fails completely to deliver as the focal point of the triangle. She is cute enough, but fails to project the intelligence that is supposed to define her character; her delivery is wooden, but thankfully her share of the quotable lines of dialogue is limited. Still, her weak performance reduces the entertainment value of the film as a whole.

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