Fifth about The Seventh

In the Fade (Aus dem Nichts)

In the Fade: Fatih Akin’s devastatingly sad drama has a very strong start and has some added value for the reminder that evil can wear all colors. That said, the plot also leads to some very dubious morality. The main character is interesting: far from perfect from the get-go, and as there’s no roadmap to a heavy grief such as hers, she is at turns depressed, out of control, strong, tentative in her actions. It is a good piece of acting by Diane Kruger; her grief is very convincing, but when her character moves away from it, she is not as interesting. Johannes Krisch has an infuriating participation, but no one else from the cast registers. The film is quite heavy-handed and obvious in its aesthetic choices early on, but those issues ease on later.

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