Fifth about The Seventh

Molly’s Game

Molly’s Game: Aaron Sorkin, the director, smartly stays out of the way of Aaron Sorkin, the screenwriter; the film has functional aesthetics (Charlotte Bruus Christensen’s camerawork is effective but generally unremarkable; the editing deals with the non-linear structure effectively and keeps the pace snappy, but stays away from any excesses), but it gives space for the intricate story to breathe. The dialogue is wall-to-wall (perhaps a bit too expository at times, somewhat justifiably so), but fast and fun. Its delivery is spot-on by a very fine cast: Kevin Costner’s participation is short but memorable; Idris Elba is as memorable in a much larger role; Michael Cera is great, sleazy, creepy and emulating the real person he is based on; but the whole show truly belongs to Jessica Chastain. She completely owes the dialogue and the voice-over, and she is given a rich, engaging character to play.



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