Fifth about The Seventh

I, Tonya

I, Tonya: Craig Gillespie acknowledges the absurd,  farcical nature of the story (and wears its disregard for the real truth on its sleeve) from the get-go, and structuring this film as, essentially, a mockumentary is an inspired choice (kudos to editor Tatiana S. Riegel for following that grammar so well). The story as told has great energy and entertainment value (but it loses a bit of both as it steers from comedy to melodrama). The gallery of characters is a group of unreliable narrators if there ever was one, and they are well-defended by the cast. Margot Robbie is very fine as the pot-mouthed redneck, but it’s Allison Janney (lovely as the hateful, despicable hag of a mother) and Paul Walter Hauser (funny as one of the dumbest criminals ever portrayed on film, and apparently very close to reality) that steal the show. Costume design seems to be spot-on for the time period, and the production design gives a lot of personality to the interviews. The good selection of pop songs ia another boon.



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