Fifth about The Seventh

It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life: Frank Capra created the feel-good classic for the ages; it’s centered about the almost innocent (but still very desirable) idea that good comes to those that do good. It makes use of a lovely narrative device that fits that idea as it tells a constantly touching story with a few great characters at its core. It is sentimental, but earnestly so, and superiorly crafted (it’s well shot, has a fine pace and production design). It’s a very fine cast: James Stewart is very convincing and engaging as the man who sacrifices all with a smile, and equally so at the deepest moments od despair; Donna Reed is immensely sweet and beautiful, irresistible as the woman behind the man; Lionel Barrymore plays perfectly the miser and mean old man. Thomas Mitchell, Henry Travers (who has the perfect face for his role), and Ward Bond also register quite well.

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