Fifth about The Seventh

The Asphalt Jungle

The Asphalt Jungle: elegant and detailed, John Huston’s heist movie is a very entertaining, fascinating and rich character study. It’s courageous in not sugar-coating that the characters are all crooks, and smart in making them all interesting to watch and in giving them space to tick and breathe. The whole casting was a stroke of genius and acting is very solid throughout: Sterling Hayden’s towering presence is complemented by a very delicate moment; Louis Calhern is charming, insecure, oily; Sam Jaffe is very good as the brains of the heist; Marilyn Monroe looks stunning in her short participation. Harold Rosson’s camerawork is impressive: it’s very low-key, doesn’t call attention to itself, but the composition is always rich, making full use of the frame; the camera itself is not necessarily dynamic, but the blocking often is.

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