Fifth about The Seventh

On Body and Soul (Teströl és Lélekröl)

On Body and Soul: Enyedi Ildikó’s romance is unusual (starting from the odd couple at the center and the definitely unromantic setting), but it is equally lyrical, touching, and delicate. The pace is deliberate, often extending shots, while the tone is a bit cold (and also, at times, funny), but that sum creates a mood that is somewhat magical. The central characters are almost caricatural, yet very engaging; one can’t help but worry about their destinies. The acting is great, and very subtle; Alexandra Borbély, who has a great face, is acting on mere details with her eyes and mouth; Géza Morcsányi is likewise minimalist and has a very memorable, melancholic presence; Tenki Réka has a small but very crucial and fine participation as well. Herbai Máté’s cinematography is great: it’s simply lit, but every composition is very careful and expressive; the acting calls for proximity to the performers, and the close-ups are intense.



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