Fifth about The Seventh

A Walk Among the Tombstones

A Walk Among the Tombstones: Scott Frank’s film is a modest and grim thriller; it’s also a joyless experience, with a murky, tropey, uninteresting plot, a dull collection of characters and unlikely situations. The suspense scenes are low-key, partly by the way they are staged, partly because the characters don’t really register emotionally, therefore not mattering what their fates are. Acting is for the most part nondescript; Liam Neeson is a good choice for the main role, but he is really not given much to do. The film makes good use of a side of New York that is not that prevalent; Mihai Malaimare Jr’s camerawork is workable, but far from special; Jill Savitt’s editing turns out the story more confusing than it should be.


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