Fifth about The Seventh

Heat (1995)

Heat: Michael Mann’s cop drama is very muscular entertainment; the story, in broad strokes, isn’t much new, but the devil, as it’s said, is in the details. The film spends a very good time with its characters, balancing well its opposing protagonists; the result is that the emotional engagement is higher, therefore making the action scenes play out better. The large (and diverse) cast is excellent; Al Pacino’s performance is a tad too amped-up (that defines the character, but it’s a tad annoying nevertheless), while Robert De Niro is strong in his cold efficiency. The film has great pace, thanks to the editing team; the action sequences, in particular, are thrilling and meticulous. Dante Spinotti’s camerawork is attractive, full of personality without being unduly showy, and captures the many different locations in Los Angeles rather well.


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